Psychotherapy & Counselling

Wailua Falls, Kaua’i

My approach to therapy is very practical: I think that it should free you from ‘symptoms’ and distress, and also enable you to do things that you couldn’t do before, to feel real happiness, to have loving, supportive relationships, if you don’t already, and a fulfilling life.

Psychotherapy works at a deeper level where counselling is often not enough.

Primary Light psychotherapy and counselling offers you a flexible, open, honest and creative therapy, drawing on the most up-to-date research into what helps to resolve childhood and more recent trauma, and many different treatment models. You will learn to listen to yourself, calm anxiety and make yourself feel better and stronger when you need to, and we will work together to resolve difficult experiences that you may have been carrying, and to dissolve negative beliefs that may have been holding you back. You will also discover or rediscover the skills and capacities that will enable you to stand up for yourself and feel alive, competent and connected in day-to-day life.

You can expect absolute respect and sensitivity towards whatever you want to talk about, in complete confidence.

Specialising in:

  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Inability to make a decision, or to do things that you want to do; ‘stuckness’, ‘sabotaging’ yourself
  • Acute or recurring anxiety or depression; panic attacks; nightmares
  • Not knowing who you are or what you want, or not being able to assert yourself
  • Emotional, physical or sexual abuse, C-PTSD or complex trauma, dissociation and dissociative disorders
  • Bereavement, loss or change; your life falling apart
  • Loss of meaning or purpose
  • Discovering or going deeper into your spiritual path, whatever it may be
  • Supervision for beginning and experienced counsellors and therapists of all orientations